What We DO

We provide relevant investment solutions that will help individuals and institutions to grow and preserve wealth over multiple market cycles.

Private Wealth Management​

We believe that the first step in personal wealth management should be to determine
what clients value most. Experience has taught us that the more purposefully you align
your financial choices with your values, the more strategic and satisfying these choices

We help our clients achieve their wealth management goals through smart investment
management and advisory services aided by efficient technology. Our consultative and
client-centered-and-involved approach empowers the client to determine their life
aspirations and financial goals. We work together to evaluate, implement and monitor
robust, prudent, risk-oriented investment strategies for each client.

Specialised Fund Management​

We seek to actively create, sponsor and manage unique and specialist investment vehicles.
At Ashfield, we leverage our expertise to establish market leadership in novel and alternative funds management in Africa to provide opportunities for Pension Funds, Institutional Fund Managers, Private and Retail Fund Managers to diversify their portfolios.
Our specialised funds enable our clients to invest based on their unique risk-return profile towards wealth accumulation.

Collective Investment Schemes

We offer a wide range of investment funds under Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) to investors. Our investment policies are anchored on strategies to outperform set benchmarks and funds of similar strategies. Our clients can easily access a variety of investment solutions to achieve diversification through our portfolio allocations to Government treasuries, notes and bonds, high-grade corporate bonds and notes, other fixed income instruments, and listed equities.

With our CIS, clients can trust Ashfield to help them meet their investment goals of retirement income and planning, savings, educational expenditure, family welfare and healthcare, and many more.

Institutional & Corporate Fund Management​

We specialize in providing customized investment management solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are a pension fund, endowment fund,
development finance institution (DFI), corporate institution, government agency, or a not-for-profit organization like NGOs, churches, foundations, welfare funds, or
associations and groups we can help you achieve your financial goals.

Pension Fund Management

We provide pension fund management services to assist our clients to achieve their
financial objectives. Our experienced team of investment specialists with a proven track
record of providing solid returns while effectively managing risk.

We offer a wide range of investment options across various assets as part of our
investment methodology, which is based on thorough research and analysis. We are
committed to delivering timely and accurate reporting as well as transparent and
effective communication because we are aware of the specific needs of pension funds.
We encourage you to discover more about our offerings here:

Pension Fund Management

Are You Prepared for Retirement or Already Retired? Secure The Future You Work For.

Your decision to stop working shouldn’t mean giving up on your goals. We accompany
you on your path to a successful retirement and offer you cutting-edge financial advice
along the way. Our specialized solutions are intentionally made to meet your way of life,
routine, and goals. We will work to ensure that you have enough resources to live the
life you choose and that the money you invested will be there when you need it.

Tier 2 Pension Plan

We specialize in managing Tier 2 Pension funds, which gives employees access to
additional retirement savings. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities
that come with managing these funds, we have the expertise and resources to help our
clients achieve their financial goals. We recognize how crucial it is to give workers a
secure source of retirement income, and we take this duty very seriously. To ensure
that our clients can offer their employees a comfortable retirement, we work with them
to maximize returns on investments while lowering risk.

We would be pleased to discuss how we may assist if you are looking for an
experienced and dependable manager for your Tier 2 pension funds.

Tier 3 Pension Plan

In addition, we oversee Tier 3 pension funds, which offer workers extra retirement
savings options in addition to regular pensions and social security. We are committed to
giving our customers the direction and assistance they need to make informed
investment decisions because we think that they should be in command of their own
retirement savings. It is our commitment to provide transparent and effective
communication, as well as timely and accurate reporting.

Risk management and diversification are the basis of our investment strategy. Weunderstand that tier 3 pension funds will require a different level of risk and return than
other types of pension funds.