About us

About Ashfield

Ashfield Investment Managers (AIM) is an Accra-based integrated Asset Management company licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We offer innovative investment management services to corporates, individual high-net worth and retail clients, government agencies and development finance institutions (DFIs) across Africa.

AIM has expert-level experience and employs the most efficient technology in helping clients invest in the most profitable financial securities (shares, stocks, bonds and treasury bills). Our experience cuts across various sectors and we achieve superior results for clients because our decisions are based on reliable data.With our data-driven investment processes, the desire to work with you to grow your wealth is our topmost priority.


Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize wealth for all stakeholders using the most ethical, progressive and sustainable means available.

Our Investment Principles

Our Investment principles are summed up in our IAM² mantra.

I stands for Investment Goals. We start every investment by working with the client(s) to determine the goals of the fund.

​A stands for Asset Allocation. We select the right assets to match every investor’s goals with acceptable risk-return expectations.

​M² is double “M” which stands of Maintaining Perspective & Minimizing Cost.

​Maintaining perspective requires us to keep the selected group of investments for the client in line with the determined goals. This is done through continuous monitoring & innovative value-based decisions at the most minimal cost to the client.